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As a means for Paisley to learn entrepreneurship and making her own way, Paisley started a local pet & house sitting service.  With her family excited to help, Paisley and her mother came up with the idea of using recycled climbing rope to make some of the toughest tug toys for your pets. 

Pet Sitting Overnight

Keep your pets safe and comfortable from the familiarity of your own home and by people who treat your pets with love and kindness.

Pet Daily Drop In

Schedule a time for us to do a drop in for play, walk and a friendly face while you are away,

Recycled Tug Toys

Order one of our Doggie DooDah's for your furry friend. Our tug toys are made of super tough climbing rope for long lasting play for even the strongest pups.

Doggie Doodah

Are you in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?

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No better friendship exists than that of a good dog.

Paisley & Marla – 2014


Your purchase goes to support Paisley’s World and Olympic Climbing aspirations as she competes in Regional, Divisional and National Climbing Comps with World Renown, Team Texas Climbing in Plano, TX.  

Doggie DooDahs

The History of Climbing Rope

Did you know that most brand new climbing ropes have a breaking strength over 4000 pounds? (more than most vehicles weigh)!?


    Prior to WWII, ropes gradually became safer. DuPont Chemical Company’s invented nylon in 1935 and it was first used in climbing ropes in America in the early 1940s.


    Militaries started to use nylon ropes in WWII, and they were introduced to Europe in the mid to late 1940s. The nylon ropes were more elastic, aiding in fall protection. Machines evolved to allow for tighter, more consistent weaves and stronger ropes.


    It all changed in 1953, when the German company Edelrid created the kernmantle design, which placed a strong synthetic rope core within a braided nylon sheath. They increased elasticity and strength, and solved issues with untwisting and rope wear.The sheath minimized the problem of rope wear, as well as adding improved handling and an intrinsic ability to absorb less water. As ropes rubbed on rocks and climbing gear, the sheath protected the inner core. The kernmantle rope became an industry standard. In 1964, Edelrid and Mammut developed dynamic ropes capable of withstanding multiple falls; they became the forerunner of the modern dynamic climbing rope.

Our Customers Feedback

Our customers are our best storytellers and our greatest advocates.  Just listen to the excitement in the voices of these satisfied clients.  

Why Doggie DooDah's?

The financial cost to parents in order to support their child's activities can be quite substantial and while most parents will do whatever it takes to fund their children, we have asked Paisley to learn to help herself as well.  As business owners of small business, we wanted to teach Paisley ways to take an idea, market it, sell it and fulfill it.  Paisley's Doggie DooDah is her idea and her business.  When you purchase a product or service from Paisley, you are supporting her 100%.  

Our promise to Paisley is that we will fund her coaching, equipment, team dues and gym memberships.  Paisley's Doggie DooDah raises money for her entry fees, competition uniforms, shoes and travel costs such as hotel, fuel and food.  

The material used for Paisley's Doggie DooDah's are made from ultra strong climbing rope.  When rope is used in both indoor and outdoor climbing, over time it can wear down in places after a hard fall or just from everyday use.  We take the rope and cut out the worn spots and with the art of knot tying we produce affordable, fun, super-tough dog toys.  

The core and the sheath of climbing ropes are made from polyamide fibers and known as Nylon.  It consists of an ultra-weaved core surrounded by a braided sheath.  Remember, these toys are not designed for chewing. All of Paisley's DooDah toys and leashes are made from donated climbing rope. These ropes are designed for climbing….not chewing. Play tug of war with your pup.  They will love the attention and fun you provide.  

Business and Sponsorship Inquiries can be made to Mitch Hagy 

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